Ventilation in an underground mine is a very important process through which the necessary air is circulated to ensure a breathable and safe atmosphere for the development of work. Ventilation equipment is responsible for air movement, hence the importance of its monitoring and control.

In order to ensure this important activity for the safety of its collaborators in the Yauli Mining Unit, San Cristóbal is that Volcan Compañía Minera S.A.A. I trust in the company COMMUNICATIONS the project for the design, engineering, supply and implementation of the control and instrumentation of the ventilation process.

To provide the solution, we integrate recognized brands in the mining industry such as ROCKWELL and HOWDEN, which will allow us to have measuring instruments, programmable logic controllers and a SCADA system for proper control and monitoring of ventilation equipment for indoor environments. from the mine

As a summary, some services to be implemented in this project:

  • Detail engineering.
  • Implementation of energy panel, instrumentation and control.
  • Test protocol.
  • Implementation of ductwork and wiring for the boards.
  • Installation of sensors (pressure, accelerometer, temperature, gases).
  • Installation of gas monitoring station.
  • Controller programming.
  • Programming and integration to the current SCADA system.
  • Set-up, test protocol and trial run.
  • Project management based on PMI good practices.

This solution will allow the monitoring of various variables, such as the status of the fan, electrical parameters, static pressure, flow rate estimation, temperature, oxygen levels, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, among others, thus contributing to the improvement of an activity critical for work inside the mine.