Antapaccay: Fiber optic laying, installation and measurement service

  • Start Date: August 8, 2022.
  • Finish date: December 05, 2023.
  • Location: Antapaccay Mining Camp.
  • Benefits: The project benefits ANTAPACCAY in the continuity of its exploitation and export processes of copper concentrate and cathodes, belonging to the Glencore Corporation, whose copper deposit is located in the province of Espinar, department of Cusco.

The route of the new fiber optic line will have the following approximate distances:

  1. a) 33KV Power Lines: First Section: From Electrical Room 0931 to Electrical Room 110, it will have approximately 8 kilometers. Second Section: From Electrical Room 110 to Electrical Room 210, it will stretch approximately 1 kilometer.
  2. b) 22.9KV Power Lines: First Section: From cell H02 of Electrical room 0110 to cell IN-OUT SUR. Second Section: From the IN-OUT SUR cell to the IN-OUT POLVORIN cell. Third Section: From the IN-OUT POLVORIN cell to the IN-OUT NORTH cell.

In summary, the project includes:

  • Splicing if necessary, connectorized, fiber optic fusions.
  • Installation of equipment (cabinets, patch panel, etc.) in said stations.
  • OTDR certificate before and after laying Fiber Optic.
  • Communication tests and commissioning of the installation.