With the aim of providing trunked radio services supporting TETRA technology in the Chungar Mining Unit tunnel, Volcán Compañía Minera SAA entrusted COMMUNICATIONS with the highly complex project to improve communications at the Animón Mine, lighting a total of 35 kilometers with radiating cable that include ramps, accesses, bypasses, shafts, shelters, workshops, among other environments inside the mine.

The implemented technology allows a robust system against interference by geography and mobile elements, maintaining optimal audio quality, allowing the mining unit personnel to use the same radio terminal on the surface and in the tunnel.

The implemented system used a fiber optic backbone with high-speed data for other systems or applications in the tunnel such as video surveillance, access control, tracking, etc. with ring redundancy capability for active components.

Likewise, it has a built-in electrical autonomy of up to 08 hours in the event of power cuts to its active components.

As a summary of some magnitudes of the project:

  • 18km fiber optic
  • 05km of power cable.
  • 35km of radiating cable.
  • 02 lightning rod and grounding systems.

The system used DRS (Distributed Radiant System) of SIGMA allows entering the assigned band to be able to include any TETRA service provider. Also, with the addition of extra parts to any other system that operates in other bands, for example: VHF, 800 P25, Cellular under 1GHz, LTE450, LTE700, etc. This SIGMA DRS system includes redundancy and reportability, essential in mission critical communications systems required in the mining industry.

This system allows the use of 06 communication groups and more than 100 radio terminals, improving productivity and safety in operations as it is an immediate communication channel between the surface and the tunnel, as it has a radio signal with very good signal quality. audio over 35km. travel.

In this way COMMUNICATIONS made available to Volcán Compañía Minera SAA all its capacity and experience in highly complex mining projects to successfully meet the objectives set and contributing to the improvement of communications in the mining unit.