The Association of Good Employers (ABE), an institution of the American Chamber of Commerce of Peru AMCHAM, promotes best labor practices, through the ABE certification, for which it is responsible for promoting, recognizing and disseminating those practices that generate growth and development of workers and their companies, as well as ensuring that they also hire labor-responsible suppliers, generating a virtuous circle to enrich their value chain.

Among the good practices recognized by ABE are:

  • Punctual payments of salaries, social benefits, health insurance, pension and compensation.
  • Safe and hygienic work environment.
  • Training and coaching.
  • Rewards according to evaluation.
  • Labor awards.
  • Staff assessment.

COMMUNICATIONS is pleased and honored to inform that the Association of Good Employers (ABE) certifies us once again as a company that complies with the required human resources practices and therefore be recognized as an ENTREPRENEURIAL PARTNER.

This distinction commits us to be a more efficient organization in our services with our clients and suppliers, likewise allows us to implement new human management programs each year for the benefit of the collaborator, improving their productivity, to have respected, motivated and committed strategic partners.