On November 20 and 21, the Automation Fair 2019 was successfully held in Chicago, Illinois, one of the most important events of technological trends in the world, with the presence of companies, partners and executives linked to the firm Rockwell Automation, among them Communications so we had the opportunity to participate in this event with the purpose of learning about and developing the latest developments in industrialization and existing opportunities in Peruvian companies.

This event had more than 150 exhibitions and more than 400 hours of educational opportunities were provided, so we were able to appreciate technological experiences and innovative trends that can help transform businesses using technology.

Rockwell Automation brought together experts in software and hardware in different branches and topics to convey all their experience to visitors who have wanted to take the next step at the forefront, and Communications, a leading Peruvian company in telecommunications and technology, took advantage of this opportunity, so we are able to offer our clients the best automation solutions according to the industry in which they are located.